July 4th and Fireworks

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July 4th is quickly approaching.  This means several things:

1.  Alot of you will be getting the day off.

2. Some of you will be attempting to make the best ribs ever.

3. 90% of you will be lighting up roman candles, bottle rockets, or some other high highfalutin firework.

In what will most likely cause the most some social media uproar, next to the Christmas Day Parade traffic posts, we will attempt to answer some of the more common questions:

Does the City of Spring Hill have an ordinance that prohibits setting off fireworks?

Yes.  City Code 7-701 limits the discharge of fireworks to certain days.  The next day is July 4th beginning at 12:00 noon until 11:00 pm.

What constitutes a “firework”?

The City Code does not define what a “firework” is.

I thought the City prohibits the discharge of fireworks of certain dates.  Why do I hear fireworks on June 27, 28, 29, etc. ?

There are laws against many things like speeding and stealing but people still commit those acts.

How do I make a complaint about the discharge of fireworks?

Please call the Emergency Communications Department’s non-emergency number: 931-486-3269 or 931-486-3270.

I want to be able to legally discharge fireworks 24/7, 365.  Who do I contact to make this happen?

You will have to contact the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Why do you all like donuts?

For the same reasons millions of humans like them.


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