FY 21/22 Budget to Include Three New Police Officer Positions

Last night the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Alderman (BOMA) passed the Fiscal year 2021-2022 budget. Included in the upcoming budget were three new police officer positions and the associated costs for vehicles/uniforms/training/etc. This will bring our total number of police officer positions to sixty-nine. We would like to thank the BOMA for their continued support.

(UPDATED) Suspicious Activity in Benevento East Neighborhood on June 12th

Update (6/16/2021): The person who left the money has been identified. The person mistakenly went to the wrong house in the neighborhood. The money was meant for another house.

Spring Hill, TN- The Spring Hill Police Department (SHPD) is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred on June 12th at around 1:20 PM in the Benevento East neighborhood (Duplex Rd. and Buckner Ln. area). One minor child (under 10 years old) was walking to the front porch of a house in the neighborhood attempting to see if a friend was home. An unidentified male was walking up to the porch ahead of the child. The friend, also under 10 years old, answered and opened the door. At this point an unidentified male who had been standing on the porch, out of view of the child inside the home, spoke to the minor child who answered the door. The male asked if her parents were home and the child stated that her mother was. The mother was not able to come to the door. After being told this, the male handed the minor child a $100 bill and told her to give it to her mother. The male is described as having white hair and white facial hair (goatee). The male was wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. The family does not know this person. The male was seen driving away in a black 4-door Dodge Ram pickup (pictured above) with black rims. We are trying to investigate what the male’s intentions were. If you have information relating to this investigation, you can submit an anonymous tip here.

Alarm Call at Electronic Express Leads to Pursuit with Subject on Motorized Skateboard

Spring Hill, TN- On June 10th at 1:28 AM SHPD officers responded to an alarm at Electronic Express (1041 Crossings Blvd.). One officer went to the rear of the store where he observed the suspect (20-year-old male) leaving the store. The suspect fled on a motorized skateboard and officers activated their emergency equipment on their patrol vehicles. The suspect led officers on a short pursuit through the parking lot and then onto Crossings Circle. At the intersection of Columns Way and Crossings Circle officers exited their patrol vehicles and chased the suspect on foot. The suspect was apprehended a short distance later after a brief altercation with the officers. The suspect admitted to being in the building after finding the door open. The suspect was charged with burglary, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. The investigation is ongoing.

All persons enjoy the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Female Suffers Self-Inflicted Stab Wounds at Target

Spring Hill, TN- Officers were called to Target at 1033 Crossings Blvd at 5:50 PM on June 7th to a reported stabbing. Officers arrived and located a 28 year old female who, according to her driver’s license, is from Illinois. The female sustained injuries to her upper chest area. Officers reviewed the in-store video and based upon that, her injuries were determined to be self-inflicted. The female was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center via Life Flight. She was in serious condition at the time of transport. The circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation.

Money Gram Refund Program Opens to Take Claims

If you used MoneyGram to send money to a scammer between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2017, you may be eligible to file a claim for a refund. The company handling claims — Gilardi & Co. LLC — is distributing $125 million from MoneyGram’s 2018 settlements with the FTC and Department of Justice (DOJ). In those cases, the FTC and DOJ charged that MoneyGram failed to meet agreements to crack down on consumer fraud involving money transfers.

You’re eligible to file a claim if:

  • you sent a MoneyGram transfer to a scammer from the United States between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2017, and
  • you used your name on the money transfer.

The deadline to file a claim online or by mail is August 31, 2021.

You don’t have to be a US citizen or in the US to file a claim. If you already returned a prefilled form to Gilardi & Co. LLC, you don’t need to file another claim. You can file online, or print the claim form and mail it in with copies of MoneyGram receipts, “send” forms, and transaction history reports.

The claim form requires you to give your Social Security number (SSN). That’s because the federal Treasury Offset Program must find out whether you owe money to the US government before you can get a payment. It needs your SSN to do that.

You don’t have to pay fees to file your claim. You don’t need a lawyer to file a claim. Don’t pay anyone who contacts you and says they’ll help you file a claim or get your money back. When you file a claim, you have to give a MoneyGram money transfer control number (MTCN), an eight-digit number assigned to a MoneyGram transfer. It’s listed on MoneyGram receipts and completed “send” forms.

For more information about eligibility, the claims process, and other topics, go to ftc.gov/moneygram and moneygramremission.com.

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Harvest Point Subdivision: Multiple Vehicle Burglaries, Stolen Vehicle, Vehicle Pursuit in Last 48 Hours

Anonymous tips can be submitted here.

Spring Hill, TN – We have taken several reports in the last 48 hours from the Harvest Point Subdivision which is located in southwest Spring Hill off of Cleburne Rd. Those reports include:

Carraway Lane – stolen vehicle, 2 vehicle burglaries (May 28th-May29th)

Crutcher Lane/Violet Drive/Green Farm Way – Vehicle burglaries, stolen vehicle (May 29th between 10 PM and 11 PM)

During the overnight hours of May 28th to May 29th a vehicle was stolen from Carraway Ln and there were 2 vehicle burglaries on Carraway Ln.

On May 29th at 10:48 PM a complainant called into the Emergency Communications Center and reported that subjects driving a white Chevy Malibu and black SUV were attempting to enter or did enter several vehicles in the Harvest Pointe subdivision. A short time later an officer located a white Chevy Malibu on Beechcroft Rd headed east bound. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle for investigatory reasons but the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. The pursuit was terminated in accordance with policy.

On May 29th at 11:05 PM an SHPD officer observed a black Ford Escape (possibly the one from the earlier all) commit a traffic violation in the area of Cleburne Rd. and Beechcroft Rd. The officer activated his emergency lights and siren and the vehicle did not stop as it headed on Cleburne Rd. towards the city limits. The pursuit continued to the parking lot of Spring Hill High School and then to Richmond Rd. via a gravel service road. Officers lost sight of the vehicle at one point and it was found in a ditch on nearby Richmond Rd. There was no one inside of the vehicle.

The driver of the Escape is described as a white male who was wearing a dark colored with multi-colored paint on it. We are asking all home-owners with cameras in this area to check footage on May 29th from 10 PM to 11 PM.

Summertime: Lemonade, Sunshine, Low/Medium Speed Vehicles, and Golf Carts

Recently we have noticed an uptick of low/medium speed vehicles and golf carts operating in neighborhoods. Often times they are being driven by juveniles. Here is some information regarding those type of vehicles:

TCA 55-8-101 Part Definitions

(28) “Golf Cart” means a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and equipped with safety belts installed for use in the left front and right front seats and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 MPH. (a golf cart that has been designated and manufactured for on road use, or has been modified to meet all of the requirements and federal safety standards may be registered as a “low or medium speed vehicle.”

(36) “Low Speed Vehicle” means any four-wheeled electric or gasoline vehicle, excluding golf carts, whose top speed is greater then 20 MPH but not greater than 25 MPH, including neighborhood vehicles. Low speed vehicles must comply with the safety standards in 49 CFR 571.500 (The standard contained in 49 CFR 571.500 (Code of Federal Regulations) requires low speed vehicles to have basic safety equipment, including head lamps, stop lamps, front and rear turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflectors (one red on each side near the rear and one red on the back), parking brake, one exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle and one additional mirror on the passenger side or an interior mirror, a windshield meeting the standards outlined in 49 CFR 571.205, seat belts (type 1 or 2) located at each designated seating position, and a vehicle identification number (VIN) that conforms to provisions outlined in 49 CFR 565. The purpose of this standard is to ensure that low speed vehicles operated on the public streets, roads, and highways are equipped with the minimum motor vehicle equipment appropriate for motor vehicle safety.)

(38) “Medium Speed Vehicle” means any four-wheeled electric or gasoline-powered vehicle, excluding gold carts, whose top speed is greater than 30 MPH, but whose maximum speed allowed is 35 miles per hour only on streets with a 40 MPH or less posted speed limit pursuant to TCA 55-8-191(b)(1), and otherwise meets or exceeds the federal safety standards set forth in 49 CFR 571.500 except as otherwise provided in 55-4-136.

TCA 55-8-191 Operation of low speed and medium speed vehicles – prohibitions – license


(1) A low speed vehicle as defined in § 55-8-101 may be operated only on streets where the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph) or less. This subdivision (a)(1) does not prohibit a low speed vehicle from crossing a road or street at an intersection where the road or street has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph).


(1) A medium speed vehicle as defined in § 55-8-101 may be operated at a rate not to exceed thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph) only on streets where the posted speed limit is forty miles per hour (40 mph) or less. This subsection (b) does not prohibit a medium speed vehicle from crossing a road or street at an intersection where the road or street has a posted speed limit of more than forty miles per hour (40 mph).

Any person operating a low speed vehicle or medium speed vehicle must have in possession a valid Class D driver license.

Low/Medium Speed Vehicle Registration

Individuals applying for title and registration on a low or medium speed vehicle must submit a Low or Medium Speed Affidavit that certifies the vehicle has been sufficiently modified to meet all low or medium speed vehicle requirements. The affidavit must be submitted with the registration application as a condition of registration.

TBI Launches TN KidKit, New Resource for Parents and Guardians

Please read about this valuable resource from the TBI to quickly assist in locating missing children.

NASHVILLE – Today, to coincide with National Missing Children’s Day, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation launched TN KidKit, a resource to help parents and guardians document key details about the children in their care, just in case an emergency should arise.

“When a child goes missing, every second matters,” said Shelly Smitherman, TBI’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge overseeing the Bureau’s missing children efforts. “So, too, does having the right kind of information.”

TN KidKit provides parents and guardians an easy-to-use way to compile key facts, photographs and additional relevant information about their children, which can then be printed or digitally stored to easily share with law enforcement if a child in their care were to go missing.

“We work too many missing children cases in which parents don’t have a suitable picture of their children or can’t recall their height, weight, or other key facts,” said Smitherman. “Trying to remember them when their child is missing is understandably tough and can often slow down an initial search. That’s why we’d encourage every parent to take a few minutes to fill out a TN KidKit – and update it regularly – just in case it might help when it matters most.”

The resources, along with more information about missing children in Tennessee, can be found online at www.TNKidKit.com.

Shoplifting Investigation from Walmart and Target

Spring Hill, TN- The SHPD is investigating multiple shoplifting incidents with Target and Walmart involving the two individuals depicted above. If you have any information regarding their identities or have any information related to the thefts, please submit an anonymous tip or contact Det. Weber by phone 931 486-2252 x269 or email jweber@springhilltn.org.