“Sextortion” Reports Target Teenagers Online

We have taken several reports in the last couple months involving teenagers that have been “sextorted” online. Please see this article from the FBI for more information.

This crime occurs on various chat apps or electronic service providers such as Google, Facebook , etc. Sextortion describes a crime that happens online when an adult convinces a person who is younger than 18 to share sexual pictures or perform sexual acts on a webcam.

Sextortion can start on any site where people meet and communicate. Someone may contact you while you are playing a game online or reach out over a dating app or one of your social media accounts.

In some cases, the first contact from the criminal will be a threat. The person may claim they already have a picture or video of you that they will share if you don’t send more pictures. More often, however, this crime starts when young people believe they are communicating with someone their own age who is interested in a relationship or someone who is offering something of value. The adult can use threats, gifts, money, flattery, lies, or other methods to get a young person to produce these images.

After the criminal has one or more videos or pictures, they use the threat of sharing or publishing that content to get the victim to produce more images. (In our cases the suspect will threaten to send the illicit video to family members unless the victim pays the suspect not to).

The adult has committed a crime as soon as they ask a young person for a single graphic image.

Parents/guardians, please have a conversation about this with your teen. Make sure they know that if this happens to them and they do send video/image, they are not in trouble, they are the victim. They may be embarrassed or scared to come to you and tell you what happened. Please also tell your teen that once he/she sends a video/image that it’s now beyond their control as to where it is disseminated next.

Please report all sextortion attempts to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children CyberTip line at https://report.cybertip.org/ and your local law enforcement agency.

Early Morning Burglary Call Leads to Vehicle Pursuit (Updated)

Autumn Ridge Subdivision

UPDATE: A 19 year-old and 15 year-old from Nashville were located walking on I-840 by the WCSO. It was determined that they were inside of the vehicle. There was one other subject that still has not been apprehended yet. The two subjects were charged with multiple felonies including burglary, aggravated burglary, and theft of property.

We are asking residents in the Autumn Ridge Subdivision in the above area to check home surveillance cameras for footage on Saturday (August 15th) from around midnight to 1:15 AM. At about 1:07 AM we received a call from a homeowner in the 6000 block of Trout Lane concerning a car alarm going off and a car door open. The homeowner observed several subjects run down the road. A short time later an officer located a black Mazda SUV traveling north on Main St. at a high rate of speed. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but it continued to travel on Main St. outside of the city. SHPD officers terminated the pursuit at Interstate 840.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office located a wrecked vehicle with no occupants in the area of Highway 431 and I-840. The vehicle was found to be stolen out of Davidson County. There was also a stolen handgun inside of the vehicle. If anyone has information regarding this investigation you can submit an anonymous tip.

Email video to info@shpdnews.com.


US Census Workers in the Area

US Census workers will be in our area working on the 2020 Census. There will be employees that have both temporary and permanent identification cards. The IDs should have the worker’s name, picture, and an expiration date. If you have a question about a worker’s authenticity, please call our non-emergency phone number at 931-486-2632 in a timely manner. You can also request to speak to a US Census representative at 1-800-262-4236. As always, they will not ask you for payment in the form of gift cards or in any other manner.