Theft Of A Wallet At Publix Investigation, Credit Card Used At Wal-Mart

Spring Hill, TN – Due to the poor quality of images/video this is more of an advisory. On August 2nd, the victim was shopping at Publix and was facing away from her purse that was in her shopping cart. The two individuals above in the video walked close to her. The male subject reached into the victim’s purse and took her wallet. It is believed that the female subject in the video was a “look-out.”

The victim began to receive fraud alerts from her financial institutions that the victim’s card was attempting to be used at Wal-Mart in Spring Hill for purchases totaling $2000. There may be a third suspect involved that entered Wal-Mart (pictured above).

Please watch this informational video from the Franklin Police Department on how to take precautions against purse thefts.