How to Submit Anonymous Crime Tips to the SHPD

If you suspect drug activity is happening in your neighborhood, you can submit an anonymous tip HERE. Some patterns that may indicate drug activity include:

– An unusually large amount of traffic coming to the building, often at strange hours. This traffic is usually quick, with people staying only a short time. Sometimes they don’t go in at all; instead, someone comes out to meet them.

– Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (syringes, pipes, etc.) in the area

– Repeated, observable exchanges of items, especially where money is visible

– Offers to sell you drugs, or conversations about drugs that you overhear

Useful Information to Report:

– The exact address or location of the drug activity

– The color, make, model, and license plate of any vehicles involved in the suspected drug activity

– The names of any people known to be involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs

– Time of day when the drug activity is most apparent

– Any children living at the residence or who are present while the drug activity is taking place

– The types of drugs (if known) being sold

Please note that a person’s ethnic background, economic status, or lifestyle are not indicators of narcotics activity.  This Tip Line will accept information about all types of crime, not just drug activity.