Reporting Concerns of the “Stay at Home” Order

The SHPD is aware of the concerns related to the Governor’s latest “Stay at Home” order.  Prior to calling our dispatch center’s non-emergency line of 931-486-2632 to report a potential violation, please read the order linked below.  Please pay special attention to Executive Order 22 Page 4, section 8 which defines essential activity and also the beginning of page 7 which defines essential servicesExecutive Order 22.  Executive order 23 is here.

If, after reviewing these sections, you still believe that a violation is occurring inside of the City limits of Spring Hill, you may report that to 931-486-2632.  Please do not call 911 unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

Please do not report violations via our Facebook or Twitter pages.  Calling the non-emergency number is the quickest way for us to respond.