Williamson County Crime Stoppers Fundraiser on May 5th-6th

Crime Stoppers is made up of a board of civilian volunteers coordinated through the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Division. It serves all the communities in Williamson County including. Franklin, Fairview, Nolensville, College Grove, Triune, Arlington, Thompson Station and Spring Hill.

Crime Stoppers can be extremely beneficial in combating the crime problem. It is an effective resource in which private citizens join together with law enforcement to solve difficult crimes. 

Often citizens do not contact the police with information that could help solve a crime out of fear that if they reveal their own identity they would expose themselves or their family to acts of retaliation by the criminal. 

Crime Stoppers of Williamson County is locally funded, and depends on donations. This is a great way for citizens to for them to support law enforcement and help reduce crime in your community. The Big Payback officially kicks off at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 5 and runs through 6:00 pm on Thursday, May 6. Donations can be made through the this link during that timeframe.