(UPDATED) Suspicious Activity in Benevento East Neighborhood on June 12th

Update (6/16/2021): The person who left the money has been identified. The person mistakenly went to the wrong house in the neighborhood. The money was meant for another house.

Spring Hill, TN- The Spring Hill Police Department (SHPD) is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred on June 12th at around 1:20 PM in the Benevento East neighborhood (Duplex Rd. and Buckner Ln. area). One minor child (under 10 years old) was walking to the front porch of a house in the neighborhood attempting to see if a friend was home. An unidentified male was walking up to the porch ahead of the child. The friend, also under 10 years old, answered and opened the door. At this point an unidentified male who had been standing on the porch, out of view of the child inside the home, spoke to the minor child who answered the door. The male asked if her parents were home and the child stated that her mother was. The mother was not able to come to the door. After being told this, the male handed the minor child a $100 bill and told her to give it to her mother. The male is described as having white hair and white facial hair (goatee). The male was wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. The family does not know this person. The male was seen driving away in a black 4-door Dodge Ram pickup (pictured above) with black rims. We are trying to investigate what the male’s intentions were. If you have information relating to this investigation, you can submit an anonymous tip here.