Online Extortion – Hit-Man Threat Scam

Spring Hill, TN- There has been a scam circulating for over a decade that has transitioned from email to text message. We have taken several of these reports in the past, including recently. We wanted to make people aware of this scam so you don’t fall victim to it.

In this case the victim receives an email or now a text message from the sender who purports to be a hired assassin. The sender threatens to kill the recipient or family members if they don’t pay thousands of dollars. This screen shot was provided by a resident, as an example of this scam:

This scam and other scams have cost people a lot of money throughout the years. Most of the time it is extremely hard to ever get your money back so prevention is key. Please visit the following websites to learn more about the most common scams and crimes that are circulating:

FBI’s Common Scams and Crimes

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Scams and Safety

If you have fallen victim to these scams, please report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (