“Felony Lane Gang” Likely Responsible for Certain Vehicle Burglaries This Week

First off, the “Felony Lane Gang” (FLG) is not a traditional street gang. The group got that particular name due to their mode of operation in going to the furthest drive-thru lane at the bank to avoid detection. The group originated in Florida over a decade ago and has been traveling to middle Tennessee to commit their crimes for at least that long.

The group targets cars parked in public places like parks, gyms, and post-offices. The group specifically are looking for purses that are likely to contain ID cards, checks, and credit cards. The suspects take that information and go to the “felony lane” of the bank drive-thru with a wig on to appear that they are the account holder. The FLG use rental cars to commit their crimes. Law Enforcement across the country have identified and arrested, over the last five years, more than 1500 FLG members. Some have been prosecuted at the federal level.

The FLG mode of operation is to smash windows and steal purses in plain sight. Please keep those items hidden. Keep in mind that FLG does surveillance of target areas and may watch you hide your items so it would be a good idea to have it hidden prior to parking.