Information Regarding HOA “No Soliciting” Signs

Spring Hill, TN- Door-to-door solicitation season is here. We want to take the time to inform citizens about what we can and can’t do regarding solicitors who come to your door. Some neighborhood Home Owner Associations (HOA) have placed “no soliciting” signs at the entrance to these neighborhoods with the expectation that we can enforce these signs if a solicitor enters the area. Unfortunately, we can’t enforce these signs if the solicitor has a permit issued by the City.

Spring Hill Municipal Code Title 9, Chapter 2 requires that any peddler, canvasser, solicitor or transient merchant wishing to do business within the City of Spring Hill obtain a Solicitor/Transient/Vendor Permit. These applications can be found here. These applications are sent to us, and we verify the information the applicant provides. If the City approves the application, the solicitor is issued a permit. If the solicitor has a permit issued by the City, we can’t stop them from soliciting in an HOA neighborhood with a “no soliciting” sign.

Information on the City solicitor permit process.

Now, if the solicitor enters your home without your permission, harasses you, or remains on your property after being told to leave, depending on the facts, we may be able to take enforcement action, depending on the facts.